Seasonal Rules and Regulations

Slip Reservation: Seasonal slip holders must pay half down at the time of reservation to keep their slip for the 2021 season. The balance is due when Elk Creek Marina opens, May 1, 2021. If payment is not received in full by May 1, your seasonal status will be lost.  Please expect this rule to be strictly enforced this season. 

Refunds: A full refund is granted if cancelled before May 1. Cancellations between May 1 - July 1st will receive a partial refund.  Any cancellations after July 1 will receive no refund.

Length of Season: Seasonal slip holders understand that the concessionaire will make every effort to keep both Lake Fork and Elk Creek Marinas open as long as possible for the May-September months.  That being said, we cannot guarantee that the marinas will be open for the entirety of the season.  Unforeseen circumstances, work by the National Park Service, weather, and water levels may affect the length of any given season.  No refunds will be given if the season is shortened.  Unless otherwise notified, please remove your vessel from your slip at Lake Fork Marina by September 20th and at Elk Creek Marina by Sept. 30th.

Theft and Damaged Boats: Elk Creek Marina, LLC is not liable for items stolen from boats, or for boat damage or personal injury during operation of watercraft or mooring. It is the responsibility of the owner of any watercraft to insure the vessel.  If a vessel is tied up in the wrong slip, the concessionaire may move the boat.  While every care will be taken to protect watercraft being moved, the concessionaire is not liable for any damage the vessel may incur from this process.  Understand that the concessionaire does not patrol the docks, so please be sure your valuables are stored safely.  Additionally, be aware that raccoons have a history of entering boats with food stored in them, so please plan accordingly.  Vessel owners are responsible for damages caused by them or their vessel to other vessels or property in the marina. 

Property: The docks may have to be moved during the season to accommodate changing water levels.  Boat owners must make sure to tie their vessels to accommodate moves, as well as inclement weather.  If concessionaire notices an incorrectly tied vessel, or a vessel with an imminent problem (i.e. the vessel is taking on water), concessionaire may re-tie the vessel or enter the vessel to correct the problem – although we are not on the docks 24/7 and may not always catch something, so we cannot guarantee this service.  If you do not wish us to re-tie your vessel or otherwise correct a problem, please let us know.

Slip Additions/Repairs: Slips are provided in an ‘as is’ condition. Elk Creek Marina, LLC must approve any additions, repairs, improvements or changes to docks and or slip arms.

Boating Laws: Boaters are responsible for knowing local, state, and federal laws as they relate to boating and the area.  Boat owners understand that motorized and tailored watercraft launching in Blue Mesa Reservoir are required to be inspected for aquatic invasive species and if necessary, decontaminated in accordance with procedures set by the Colorado Division of Wildlife.

Safety Issues:  If you have a powered slip, please be sure that you know how to operate the power console at your slip before connecting and disconnecting power.  Please keep any power cords stowed neatly and safely when in use.  Do not leave power cords plugged in at the docks when you are away with your vessel!  If you require instruction or information do not hesitate to talk to marina staff.  Strict no swimming areas are enforced in the marina near the powered slips, as they pose an electrocution and drowning hazard.  Additionally, please be aware that open fires or grills on the docks represent a fire hazard and are prohibited.  Elk Creek Marina, LLC reserves the right to remove any vessel that endangers marina facilities or adjacent vessels, is in danger of sinking, is a fire hazard, or that is found to be leaking oil, fuel, or chemicals/hazardous materials into the water. Any costs incurred by Elk Creek Marina, LLC as a result of damages to the docks, marina, or due to oil, fuel or chemical spills, or to prevent sinking of a vessel or to salvage any sunken vessel, shall be the responsibility of the vessel owner.

Pump-out Facilities:  Pump-out facilities are available for a fee of $10.00 at Elk Creek Marina on the floating bathroom adjacent to the gas dock.  Vessels may tie up at the gas dock for this service.  Please note that if the floating bathroom is required to be removed prior to the end of the season, the pump-out facility must be removed with it.  In this event, there is an additional pump-out facility at the Elk Creek campground.       


All visitors entering the facilities at the marinas do so at their own risk and agree to hold harmless Elk Creek Marina, LLC, its officers, employees, and marina managers from any liability whatsoever for any personal injury, disability, death, or other damages as a result of entering the facilities at any time.

Phone Directory:  In the event of an emergency, call 911.  Dispatch in the town of Gunnison has direct contact with National Park Service (NPS) emergency response personnel. 

Elk Creek Marina: 970.641.0707    Lake Fork Marina: 970.641.3048  /  Seasonal Slip Payment and Information: 970.642.4511  Pappy’s Restaurant: 970.641.0403 / NPS Visitor Center: 970.641.2337 ext 205 / NPS Law Enforcement: 970.641.2337 ext 268